OEM Service

An important Equipment has broken down. What you do now?

When your special and big equipment breaks down, everything from your productivity to your bottom line is disrupted. Your team needs a quick and effective solution. The difficult question arises- should you try for a repair, or replace the asset outright?
Replacing equipment is the larger investment, so many technicians choose to repair the equipment instead of replacing it. But the costs that go along with frequent breakdowns — lower productivity, defective output, rising labor costs, and unmet production schedules — can sometimes be greater than the cost of replacing the equipment outright.
if your Equipments age is more than 15 years, it is hard to find an exact match for replacing since that model is not produced any more in most of the cases or the main manufacturer is not working anymore and other manufacturers have their own standards and you will not be able to find a replacement for it.
this situation imposed costs a lot, Because of a single pieces, you have to redesign and change complete part of your plant to become able to install and use that equipment.

So, What should you do?

According to our 30 years engineering and supplying experience in industries and also our close cooperation with lots of number one manufacutrers and tech workshops around the world, we can find a specific solution for you to make the lowest investment and get your best productivity from your line.
Moreover , our job is not only finding a replacement solution for your old devices, Our other main duty is Retrofitting and Revamping with the most recent technology and efficiency. We can collect and analyze your Equipment's condition and deliver you the best possible, low cost, high efficiency products as soon as possible.