Feasibility Study

Kahrobagostar Co. manages and coordinates studies ranging from scoping definition through to feasibility for industries projects specially Steel manufacturer. It provides its valued clients with accurate and timely reports. Kahrobagostar conceptual and feasibility studies provide our clients with information to make informed decisions about scale, scope and viability of projects.

We basically define six parts to any Project Feasibility Study:
1- The Project Scope
2- The Current Analysis
3- Requirements
4- The Approach
5- Evaluation
6- Review

Our feasibility study team consist of a complete sets of expert in following fields of:
- Process design engineers
- Mechanical design engineers
- Instrument & control engineers
- Installation & Commissioning expert
- Procurement & Purchasing expert
- Financial analyst

Technical Feasibility

Facility needs.
  • Estimate the size and type of production facilities.
  • Investigate the need for related buildings, equipment, rolling-stock, etc.

Suitability of production technology
  • Investigate and compare technology providers.
  • Determine reliability and competitiveness of technology (proven or unproven, state-of-the-art, etc.).
  • Identify limitations or constraints of the technology.

Availability and suitability of site

Investigate access to:
  • Raw materials
  • Rransportation
  • Labor
  • Production inputs (electricity, natural gas, water, etc.)
  • Investigate potential emissions problems.
  • Analyze other environmental impacts.
  • Identify regulatory requirements.
  • Explore economic development incentives.

Raw materials
  • Estimate the amount of raw materials needed.
  • Investigate the current and future availability and access to raw materials.
  • Assess the quality and cost of raw materials.
  • Able to Provide all your raw materials, forward your request to our RAW MATERIAL DEPARTMENT

Other inputs
  • Investigate the availability of labor including wage rates, skill level, etc.
  • Assess the potential to access and attract qualified management personnel.